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Organized for School
For Parents and Teachers

Creating Supportive Environments for Children to Excel ( for parents)
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Create Better Learning Environments for Students Through Feng Shui (for teachers and educators)
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Time Management
at Home

Schedules will include many routines, such as a morning routine of waking, bathing, dressing, eating, etc., an afternoon routine and an evening routine. Don't forget to add the adult routines into your schedule. Developing routines and putting together schedules will help you and your children put things in order and know what needs to be accomplished for the day. Creating before/after school and evening routines and schedules will help your children and you as the parent keep things under control, organized and life running smoother.

=>Decide what is expected of your child, such as making their bed in the morning, putting their school bags in a certain location, and putting their toys and clothes away. Create a chore board or check out I Did My Chores HERE

=>Give your children some down time each day from you, their activities and their chores. Take some down time for yourself  too.

=> Go to the bank and get lots of quarters and one dollar bills.  This saves last minute scrambles for snack money, lunch money and field trip money.
-- Ellen Kambol, FSII of Windy Hill Associates

Time Management
 at School

=> Depending on the child's age be aware that they might not be as fast or quick as you when it comes to moving or putting stuff away. Time the class for a day or two when asked to do something to get a better idea of how long a "task" might take for your class to accomplish.

=> I must tell you I feel the need to get on my soapbox for a minute here. In my area I have attended Grandparents Day at two different schools. Lunch time was actually painful for me at both schools. The time allotted and the constant "clock watching" did nothing for my eating experience or digestive system and I can only image what it's doing to the children exposed to this behavior everyday. My grandson now has a terrible habit of "shoving" his food in whole and when at home we remind him he can take his time and enjoy his food. Perhaps schools will revisit the time they have allotted for eating. Eating too fast and under stress I imagine leads to a HOST of health issues.



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